Hey there!

This is my little corner of the digital landscape that I dedicate to eco-paganism and creative musings. Maybe we’ve connected on Instagram or on YouTube. Maybe we’ve connected in another realm. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. 

I’m an artsy cottage dweller, obsessed with tree spirits, and a devout polytheist and animist. Though I’ve been living a magickal life for over a decade, I’m just beginning a dedicated path of green witchery (which includes learning to garden!). I mostly work with goddesses, specifically Isis, Arianrhod, and Laima, and love to chat about them.

My husband and I are raising our daughter pagan, so I’ll be using this space over the coming years to write about my experiences as a pagan parent. We’re globe trotters, but with COVID-19 we chose to settle down outside Seattle near my hometown in the Cascade Mountains. We’ll be back on the move once our little one is big enough for a new home base, either the UK or Japan. 

If you’re looking for more material on nature spirituality and paganism, I recommend dropping by my YouTube channel! I tend to alternate between sprints of writing here or posting there.